I offer workshops, lessons, and custom composition services.


Zen and the Art of Active Listening

A one hour workshop I’ve put together that combines audio engineering/mixing skills, body awareness, vocal toning and mindfulness meditation in order to engage and deepen one’s experience with the present moment. This workshop provides practical tools to take home that facilitate greater self-awareness and self regulation. This work is based on my experience utilizing sound and meditation in a addiction recovery setting and incorporates the latest understanding of psychobiosocial models of cognition and behavior. Its fun, occasionally silly, engages a part of brain rarely used by the average person, and anyone can do it.

Explorations in Sound Design

Want me to tell you how I make weird sounds? I’m happy to do so and can cover a variety of topics. I’ve done workshops for LEAF, Moog Music, and a variety of independent entities. Analog, soft synths, field recording. Let me know and I’ll design a custom oriented workshop for you based on your needs.

To book either of these workshops email me at futexture@gmail.com

Ableton Live Lessons

I offer Ableton Live Lessons or one-off consultations for a variety of skill levels. I have 10+ years experience with the program and can guide you towards mastery. I only keep a handful of regular students so slots are limited. Synthesis, mixing, composition, workflow, field recording, editing, and developing your personal style are all areas of expertise that I can impart to you. Lessons can be done in person or over skype.

$50/HR or Package Rates Available

Custom Composition Services

Want me to write music for your commercial, film, or dance performance? Want me to design sound for just about any application? I have quick turnarounds and exceptional production value.

Rates vary. Contact me with inquiries directly at futexture@gmail.com

Cat Naming

Need a name for your cat? Need a new name for your cat? Need a new name for your cat every few hours? I am skilled in the art of conjuring titles for felines from the air as they were as plentiful as oxygen. I’m board certified and am published in a variety of high impact journals.

Rates: No charge, this is a public service. Difficult cases may require compensation.