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    The 3D Anechoic Sound Chamber at Apeiron is a one-of-a-kind listening space designed to maximize the positive effects of sound on the whole body and mind.

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I’m the Director of Applied Psychoacoustics at Apeiron Center for Human Potential in Asheville, NC. My job is to write music and oversee research and creation of audio protocols for this amazing acoustic space.

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What is an Anechoic Chamber?

Anechoic means “without echo.” Anechoic rooms are spaces designed to minimize the reflection of sound from the walls, creating an exceptionally clean listening experience. They are often used in acoustic and engineering research, and very few in the world are open to the public. There are currently no other Anechoic Chambers that we know of being used in this fashion.

What kind of sessions are offered?

Sound Immersion sessions feature custom composed music designed specifically for the space. These programs combine my many years of music production and sound design experience with the most up to date scientific research on brainwave entrainment, breath and heart coherence, energy medicine, and neurophysiology. The unique qualities of the chamber allow special 3D movement patterns of sound to assist the listener to shift into a deep state of mental calm and physical relaxation. 30 and 60 minute sessions are offered.

BioAcoustic Immersion sessions feature your own biological rhythms as a source of meditative sound. We amplify your own breath and heartbeat, process them with our proprietary algorithms, and play them back to you in real time. This allows for profound states of meditation to be reached in minimal amounts of time with very little effort. We offer custom recordings of your personal BioAcoustic sessions that you can use at home to help facilitate increased concentration, relaxation, sleep, or creativity.

BioAcoustic Acupuncture sessions combine the ancient art and science of acupuncture with a BioAcoustic Immersion Session. The sound of the your breath and heartbeat is amplified through our anechoic chamber’s 360 degree speaker array while the client receives acupuncture in the center of the chamber. The acoustic signal is processed with brainwave entrainment frequencies and spatialized in the sound chamber to guide the client into a state of deep relaxation. Specific harmonics described in ancient Classical Chinese Medicine healing texts are encoded into the bio-acoustic signal that synergize the harmonizing effect of the acupuncture.

By pairing these programs with the perfect listening environment, we provide highly unique experiences that allow for profound and rapid shifts in consciousness, often associated with years of meditative training.

Why 360 degree sound?

The speakers in the sound chamber are arranged in the pattern of a star-tetrahedron along the walls of the space, with a speaker at the very top and very bottom of the chamber. A comfortable recliner is suspended in the middle of the chamber, and can be adjusted to position the listener’s head at the exact center of the space. The equal distances between the speakers create a perfectly phase coherent sphere of sound right at the listening position. This allows subtle changes in the spatialization of sound to create profound physiological and subjective effects. The careful proportions of the speakers, combined with the anechoic qualities of the room, make it truly a one of a kind experience.

Can I experience this at home?

While the Sound Chamber only exists at Apeiron Center in Asheville, NC, I’ve designed custom 3D mixed music that mimics some of the effects of the chamber for use at home. Combining the latest techniques in spatial audio with research from The Heart Math Institute and brainwave entrainment technologies, Apeiron’s line of breath pacer entrainment programs offer you similar benefits of a chamber experience from the comfort of your own headphones. These are available as audio only pacers, or an audio/video collaboration with naturerelaxation.com. Enjoy incredible nature scenery from exotic locations as you follow along with your breath. Its quite amazing.

Additionally, I offer customized breath pacing music that utilizes the sound of your own breath and heartbeat. I record your biological sounds in the chamber at your most relaxed state, and then layer them in with the 3D mixed music.

These programs are available for purchase at the Apeiron Store.

How will it benefit me?

Clients Report:

  • Profound Relaxation
  • Better Sleep
  • Improved Memory
  • A sense of being “centered”
  • Increased creativity
  • Greater Self Awareness
  • An amazing experience found no where else

Here's what clients have to say about their experience:

"At 62 my memory just wasn’t what I wanted it to be. After my first session I had a whole brain experience that I had not felt for a few years. My memory was significantly better. I have suffered brain fog and it had been hard for me to focus. After my first session the fog was gone and I could sit and read without distraction."
Sandra G
From beginning to end, I found myself transported. In my body, any minor discomforts I brought into the chamber with me were relaxed and removed. I left the chamber feeling as light and elated as one feels after a really good yoga class or a deep relaxing meditation. All the benefits were there: a clear mind, a relaxed body, and a stress free disposition.
Anthony Thogmartin

What are the effects of a chamber sesssion?

Balances the Autonomic Nervous System

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is what keeps us our body balanced between an alert and a relaxed state. Often times the stress of our daily lives causes us to shift too far into the sympathetic (activated) branch of our nervous system creating a vast array of negative health effects. Sessions in the chamber help to de-activate the sympathetic branch of the nervous system and activate the parasympathetic branch (rest and digest). The powerful and focused relaxation you receive from a chamber session gives the body a break and acts as a powerful stress intervention. Chronic stress has been linked to inflammation and a wide variety of health conditions. By giving your body a break from chronic stress, you provide space for your body’s repair processes to occur.

Creates Heart/Brain Coherence

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is one of the most reliable predictors of health and longevity. Our programs are designed using specific tempos and rhythms that entrain the body to increase HRV. The heart is a rhythmic process and has a tightly coupled relationship to the breath. Our programs are designed to facilitate optimal breathing to support better HRV and overall health.

Entrains Brainwaves

As the neurons in our brain fire, they create regular electromagnetic patterns that can be measured in as different frequencies (in Hertz). Various ranges of brainwave frequencies have different mental states and activities associated with them. For instance, in deep sleep, the brain predominantly fires between .5 and 4 hz. During active and focused activity, the brain fires between 14 and 25 hz. Meditation is associated with 8-10 hz. Through the principles of rhythmic entrainment, we guide the listener’s brainwaves gently into meditative states without any prior training. This allows the listener to receive some of the medically established benefits of meditation in a much shorter timeframe. The unique spatial environment of the chamber allow for a much deeper entrainment experience than binaural beats or other traditional entrainment methods. As the average person stays in the beta brainwave state for most of the their waking adult life, there are profound benefits to intentionally shifting into the alpha and theta brainwave states.

Synchronizes the left and right hemispheres of the Brain

The left and right portions of the brain are connected by a small structure called the corpus colossum. Experienced meditators, musicians, and other people who regularly engage in “whole brain activities” have been shown to have a larger corpus colossus and greater communication between the sides of the brain. Research has shown that whole brain states help us take on new perspectives, communicate more effectively, solve problems with greater ease, self regulate more easily, and make better decisions. When we use both sides of our brain together, we can access exponentially more of our unique creative power.

"I got to sit in that hanging chair and experience what felt for all the world like the sound coming from INSIDE MY HEAD. Probably the closest I have ever been to an "astronaut." Highly recommended. May alter your DNA."
Michael Garfield
"I felt a deep sense of relaxation and grounded energy sinking into my body.  I walked out of the room as if I was floating, both grounded in myself and connected to the earth and the others in the room.  There was a lightness to my being and a clarity of mind that lasted into the next day."
Claire W

What benefits will I get?

Deepens the Mind/Body Connection

Another common thing we hear is how in touch with their bodies clients feel after a session. Embodied cognition is an essential component of how experience ourselves fully and deeply. Many therapists agree the establishing a robust connection between the mind and the body is an important component of self awareness and self regulation. By building a stronger bridge between the mind and body, our emotional capacity for well being is greatly enhanced.

Enhanced Creativity

Bringing the brain into an alpha or theta state can radically enhance the neural capacity for creativity by disrupting the “default mode network” (DMN). The DMN what neuroscientists call the average day to day activity of the brain. Creativity is all about seeing new connections, and getting out of the DMN facilitates fresh perspectives, novel approaches, and win/win solutions from the electrocellular level. Often times our clients report having “breakthrough” during or within days of a chamber session.

Greater Clarity and Focus

Putting the mind and body into a deeply meditative state helps refresh and recharge the mind for clear thinking and decisive action. Bioacoustics Immersion Sessions can also be recorded and custom designed to increase concentration and focus for use at home.

The Experience of Calm

The most common thing our clients say immediately after a session is “I feel so relaxed!”  If you’ve ever had a great massage or been to a gentle yoga class, you might understand this type similar afterglow sensation. The experience of floating in the air in a comfortable recliner combined with deep brainwave entrainment in complete darkness provides for unparalleled mental relaxation. The perceived sense of calm often lasts hours or days after the experience. Stress is medically recognized as a contributing factor to the development of many conditions. Alleviating stress is essential to maintaining optimal health and the chamber is a rapid and effective solution.

"I had such a great experience ... everyone should try it. After just a half an hour of this, I was so high, yet grounded. Blissful and effective. Check it out!!! Technology wow! Better than drugs."
"The anechoic chamber experience was extremely relaxing.  The compositions really take you into the moment and help you tune into your body and mind. The effects felt very comparable to a sensory deprivation chamber."
Liam C

An experience like nothing else

Flow State

The experience itself is a highly novel stimulus. Where else can you be suspended in a the middle of a room with speakers on all sides of you and listen to specially designed music for deep meditation or listen to your own biological sounds in the complete darkness? The novelty of the sessions are enough to evoke the “flow state”, a highly sought after mental and emotional state for peak performance and emotional stability.

Meditative Consciousness

During Chamber Sessions some clients have experienced aspects of “peak experience” or “mystical awareness.” We make no claims, but rather are just reporting what our clients tell us. The sensory experience has evoked feelings of deep connection with one’s self and the greater world at large. These experiences are analogous with reports from experienced meditators.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Shifting the brain into the alpha and theta states with high hemispheric coherence create a powerful physiological support system to experience greater clarity and self awareness. Chamber sessions assist the individual to shift into a more expanded state of awareness, fostering greater self-acceptance and understanding their lifelong patterns. Clients have reported deepened perception of how to navigate their thoughts, emotions, and actions and revelations about how seeming those disparate parts are tied to the “bigger picture.”

The Sound Chamber Team

David Krantz

Director of Applied Psychoacoustics

I have a degree in Music Technology, I’ve been producing electronic music for about 10 years, and have been experimenting with brainwave entrainment technologies for about 15. Combined with my work as an Epigenetic Coach, I’m able to craft music for optimal physiological effects. I’m here to pilot the Sound Chamber into uncharted territory.

Dr. Mickra Hamilton

CEO of Apeiron Center

Dr. Mickra Hamilton is the creator of the Anechoic Sound Chamber at Apeiron and is a revolutionary maverick in the field of Human Potential Epigenetic Coaching and a Colonel and Human Performance Subject Matter Expert in the USAF Reserves. Dr. Hamilton leverages twenty-eight years of experience in the field of psychoacoustics for research and development activities in Apeiron’s R & D Division.

Laura Marion L.Ac, Dipl. OM

Human Potential Acupuncturist

Laura attained her Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from Daoist Traditions and her role as Apeiron Center’s Acupuncturist is a fusion of classical Chinese medicine and epigenetics. Laura provides the acupuncture piece of BioAcoustic Acupuncture.

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Sound Chamber Sessions are not medical treatments and should not be construed as such. They are designed to bring the systems of the body into greater coherence and do not diagnose or treat any illnesses or disease.