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"How Your Genes Influence Your Response to Cannabis"

What does the latest genetic research say about why some of us respond more positively than others to cannabis and other psychoactive substances? 

Learn how you can start decoding your genes to understand yourself more fully.

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Learn how genetic variants impact the way you break down THC so you can understand how to dose correctly
Learn what causes some people to respond well and others poorly to THC
Discover the truth about mental health risks and cannabis (hint: it's not black or white, it depends on your genes)
See what the research says about why some people are attracted to cannabis and others aren't.
After watching this you'll know more than most "experts" out there

Great Health Simplified

The mental clarity that comes from functioning at your highest potential has a ripple effect on creating more stable relationships, self-awareness, and ability to get things done. As someone who hit the wall and had to figure this stuff out on my own, I'm dedicated to accelerating your process to peak health in the quickest, most accurate way possible with genetic testing and epigenetics. Can you imagine feeling 100%? If so, I can help you get there.
Legal Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and do not treat, diagnose or cure any disease, illness, or condition. I work from a whole-systems perspective to optimize physiological function in order to promote wellness. Nothing on this site should be misconstrued as medical advice. All information on this website is for educational and/or entertainment purposes only. Talk to your doctor before making any changes to your diet, habits, or routine that may impact your health. 
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