Free Webinar: How Your Genes Influence Your Response to Cannabis

What does the latest genetic research say about why some of us respond more positively than others to cannabis and other psychoactive substances? Learn how you can start decoding your genes to understand your self more fully.

Watch the replay of “Is Your Brain Wired for Weed? How Your Genes Influence Your Response to Cannabis”

Recorded Live 12/13/17

Learn how differences in your genetic makeup influence:

  • How you break down THC
  • Your naturally occurring levels of cannabinoids
  • Your subjective response to cannabis
  • The shape, density, and sensitivity of your cannabinoid receptors
  • Your response to other psychoactive substances, like caffeine

This is essential information for any one interested in both medical or recreational use of cannabis. I haven’t seen anyone else synthesize this fairly technical topic into an easily understandable format, so I went ahead and did it. Enjoy!