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A few years ago, after carving out a fairly successful electronic music career, I found myself tired, worn down, and stuck in a self-defeating rut. I wasn’t making good creative or business decisions and had pretty bad brain fog. But, I didn’t even realize it because I had grown accustomed to functioning at a sub-par level. You can’t know what you don’t know, right?

Something needed to change, so I began researching, listening to experts, and experimenting on myself. As my cognitive function came back online, I realized how passionate I actually was about human health. My energy improved, my relationships improved, and my mind got sharper. I absorbed a TON of information about human nutrition, physiology, and biohacking for optimal health. I realized how great it felt to go from “just ok” to “awesome” and how fulfilling it would be to help other people make the same journey. I realized how my understanding of music as a dynamic holistic system could be applied to the human system, and things went from there.

Then I met Dr. Daniel Stickler, a pioneer and expert in Genomic-based Nutrition, (who just happened to run a Human Potential Medicine practice next door to where I worked at the time) and trained with him as an Epigenetic Coach. Learning the nutrigenetic and nutrigenomic techniques he’s developed in clinical practice over many years, I’m equipped to guide you to optimal health and vibrant creative potential utilizing the next generation of personalized information.

In addition to coaching, I work as the Director of Applied Psychoacoustics at Apeiron Center for Human Potential in Asheville, NC where I develop music and sound-based healing protocols for their 3D Anechoic Chamber. I continue to release music under the pseudonym Futexture and also work part-time as a mindfulness meditation instructor at The Road Inc, a substance abuse recovery center in Asheville, NC.

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