25 Is the Most Random Age, According to Science

25 is the ‘golden age’ for the ability to make random choices according to a new study. That’s right. Step aside sexual peak, cognitive peak, and athletic performance peak… Random Peak is here.     If you’re around my age, you … Read More

Study Alert: Kombucha Ameliorates The Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Copper, Zinc, and Iron Status

Well, I certainly didn’t see this coming when I woke up this morning. But, I stumbled across a study looking at the effects of electromagnetic fields on the copper, zinc, and iron levels of rats, and how kombucha reduces those effects.   Published … Read More

Health Coaching for Millennials Who Hate the Word Millennial

I’m 27. I guess that makes me a millennial. I suppose I am by definition, but I also don’t feel like that word describes me well at all. My identity can’t be shrunk down into a single catch-all phrase. Even among … Read More