Worried about mercury in Fish? Read this.

We’ve all heard the warnings about fish being high in mercury — it’s one of the most common questions I get when I tell clients their genetics would be suited to a diet higher in fish. With nutrigenomic testing, we … Read More

Timing Light Exposure for Weight Loss

This Blog Originally Appeared on The Apeiron Center for Human Potential Website. Life evolved on this planet under the rays of the sun. Since the advent of electricity, we have drastically altered our light environment and we are now just … Read More

Apeiron Blog: PPARGC1A and Healthy Mitochondria

Here’s a link to a blog I wrote for Apeiron about the gene PPARGC1A that is largely responsible for regulating the growth of new mitochondria. https://www.apeironcenter.com/epigenetics/healthy-mitochondria-with-epigenetics/ And, I love the picture that got made for the article I’ve copied below. … Read More

Mitochondria As Chi

The paper this post is based on can be found here. Be warned, its pretty dense. The author, Doug Wallace, is one of my favorite researchers, and I’ll be posting more from him in the future and attempting to translate it into a more … Read More

Facebook Post Update: Classical Music, Songbird Brains, and Evolutionary Origins of Babytalk

About 2 months ago, I put up the facebook post that I’ve copied and pasted in italics below. I just came across this study looking at the epigenetic modfications to genes after listening to classical music that are related to … Read More

Study Alert: Epigenetic regulation of the oxytocin receptor gene

The study describes how the oxytocin receptor gene can be turned up or turned down in response to different life experiences. Know someone who doesn’t trust anyone or someone who would trust a stranger with their life? There might be … Read More

Study Alert: Regular Sun Exposure Increases Life Expectancy

Avoidance of sun exposure as a risk factor for major causes of death: a competing risk analysis of the Melanoma in Southern Sweden cohort. Study Link Here Let me preface this post by saying that I’m a big proponent of … Read More

I’m a guest on the “That’s So Asheville Podcast”

I was featured as a guest on the inaugural episode of Asheville. Ali McGee of Asheville Grit interviews me about psychoacoustics, my work with the sound chamber, how I found Apeiron, and a little bit about coaching. My portion of the interview … Read More